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Imago cordially invites you to join us: researchers, academics, students, museum and art gallery curators, collectors, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts of visual arts, and individuals interested in the culture and history of the Middle and Early Modern Period are welcome.

Benefits of membership

Becoming part of a community of experts promoting collegial collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Free participation in Annual Conferences.

Eligibility for an annual IMAGO grant toward research and participation in academic conferences abroad.


Please email us at :

Include your name, academic rank, and institutional affiliation (if any), and principal research interests (to be published on the Members page).

Email and personal internet site/page address (to be published upon your consent only: please specify).

Home or institutional address and phone number (will not be published)

Membership fees

Full annual fee: NIS 160.

Reduced annual fee (for students, independent scholars, and pensioners): NIS 80.

Supporter: NIS 300.

Patron: NIS 500.

Benefactor: NIS 1000.

Please pay your fees by one of the following ways:


  1. A cheque payable to Imago – The Israeli Association for Visual Culture in the Middle Ages, mailed to: Margo Stroumza-Uzan, HaZorea St 38, Katzir, P.O. Box 5839, 3786800, Israel

  2. A wire transfer to Bank Hapoalim (12), Rehavia Branch, Jerusalem (782), account #211895.

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